If you are looking for a quick, “grab-and-go” style of closet, reach-in closets are definitely the way to go.  Commonly found in hallways, kids’ rooms and bedrooms, the traditional reach-in closet is perfect—especially when space is limited. If designed properly, reach-in closets can store a lot despite their size. Clearing out the clutter and adding smart storage areas will ensure you have an organized closet with a designated spot for everything. Whether your closet is hidden behind bifold doors, sliding doors, or simply a hinged door, what’s behind it can be a strategically organized storage space. When you are assessing the need for a reach-in closet space, evaluate what you would like to store in your closet and relocate anything that doesn’t belong.  The Skyline Closets design team will develop a plan by putting together a system of shelves, hanging bars, and other elements that will help you store your items in the most efficient way. Skyline Closets has designed and installed hundreds of solutions for all different size spaces over Chicagoland and the North Shore.

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